about the ability to see spirits

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I've been able to see them since I was a kid. I think the first time I can recall was when I was 4. I only see those who choose to appear, as well as feel their emotions. I've been sucked into the astral plane without knowing it since young as well-- attacked by entities.

Yet, lately, I've stopped seeing spirits-- which is strange. My dad seems to have stopped seeing them as well. My home seems to be some strange portal-- alot of different spirits "check in" and "check out"-- and during the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, all the incense paper burnt (as money offerings for the dead) seems to fly and pile up in my garage only. Which is strange-- the other houses are spared. My OBEs started in this home, when I moved in, at 6 years old. The first time I set foot here, I had a strange feeling, but I dismissed it in my excitement of moving homes. My first night, I was "welcomed" by the resident spirit, whom we later found out, was the previous occupant who died here.

This year, my friend introduced me to meditation. Later on, he told me that this mantra caused all the spirits in his army camp to disappear. Which seems to have happened in my home as well. But, I also see spirits outside of my home, in hospitals, others' homes, public, etc.
It's the Hungry Ghost Month again, currently, and during these times, there are a barrage of earthbound spirits around. This year, however, I've not seen a single one. I feel strange, as if something is missing in my life, although my instincts and other empathic abilities seem to have returned.

Today, however, as I dozed off, I know I felt the energy of a spirit in the room. And I could feel the cold clammy hands on my feet. I've felt spirit energies before-- but never so distinctly. And I've never felt a spirit touch me before. Anyone got any views on this? Have I shifted from seeing to feeling them?
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    Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Mon, August 7, 2006 - 12:58 PM
    Your ability to feel presence is a gift and as such, nothing is required.
    In you, it becomes.
    Skill inherent within your path now and certain skills developed through a simple remembering are energy seeking a conduit, a connection to manifesting... something.
    Perhaps, you needed a break, perhaps such seeings for such a period has become ease within you about your gift and now it as transcended from sensory to direct experience.
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    Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Mon, August 7, 2006 - 1:38 PM
    When you say that you see spirits, what do you mean?

    Do you see them just as if they were alive and walking around? Do you sort of just get impressions or quick pictures? How do you see them?

    I've only seen them when I was in that sleepy/dreaming but awake state and it scared me so badly - I haven't seen one since! I *feel* spirits, but it fustrates me to no end that I can't SEE them or HEAR them. I just know when I encounter one because it feels like there is a presence there and I can completely feel the energy. It's like I'm looking at an optical illusion and my eyes are deceiving me.

    Also, do you see more at cemeteries? I've always loved going to cemetaries since I was a kid. It's weird and morbid, but I just love it. It feels incredibly peaceful and busy to me.


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      Tue, August 8, 2006 - 10:06 AM
      I see them as if they are alive and walking around. What demarcates them, from those of us alive humans, is that they are people who are not supposed to be showing up in my home or in my room. Sometimes, they linger around for some time, at other times, a quick flash. But, I've learnt to distinguish the spirit energy. And hence in this way, I've learnt to feel who's who (alive/dead) when outside of my home or familiar territory.

      I've heard them before as well. Sometimes, I see them, without even opening my eyes, but I know I can see them.. It's as though there's a pair of eyes at the back of my head-- especially at night. I don't exactly know how to explain this, but that's the gist of it all. There are the spirits who pretend to be my family members as well-- which freaks me out at times.

      I don't see any at cemeteries.. although I do feel peaceful there, even at crematoriums. I feel some energies around, but also the peaceful sense of closure. Perhaps, I'm not afraid of the thought of death, which is why I always feel some strange connection with such places. Sometimes I get drawn to wakes and funerals as well, even if I don't see any spirits. The one place where the spiritual energy overwhelmed me was in this Chinese temple ancestral hall, where there were at least 10000 ancestral tablets there. I felt so much energy-- sad, confused, angry, lost-- that I became sick after that.
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        Re: about the ability to see spirits

        Tue, August 8, 2006 - 10:19 AM
        It's nice to know I'm not the only one who likes cemeteries. :)

        You are so lucky that you see them, it's far more eery to just feel them around. I've been trying to work on my fear and be *OK* with seeing them.

        Do they ever try to talk to you? I feel like they are talking to me, but I can't hear them. It's frustrating. I want to know what they want.
        • Re: about the ability to see spirits

          Tue, August 8, 2006 - 11:43 AM

          The first thing, personally, is getting rid of the fear. I used to be so afraid, but later on, I got used to it. Because, I preferred the harmless earthbound ghosts rather those who attack in the astral plane.

          I've heard stuff from the spirits who pretend to be my family-- they imitate the voices; but sometimes I can feel them, their anguish and their pain.

          Have you ever felt the spirits of any loved ones, be they people or animals, who've passed on?
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            Re: about the ability to see spirits

            Tue, August 8, 2006 - 11:54 AM
            Oh yeh. I seem to be a beacon for newly dead people. Somehow they find me.

            I have been lucky that noone I loved has died.
            Other people's dead loved ones come visiting though. Anytime, I get a *friendly visit* I always wonder who it was and try to figure out which of my friends or family had someone die at that moment. Sometimes I know who it is (I get a phone call saying *so and so* just died), but other times I just never know.

            Other the last few months, I've started to be *OK* with it. If I could see or talk to them it would make the "guess who they are" game a lot easier.
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              Wed, August 9, 2006 - 10:12 AM
              I've talked to malicious spirits a few times, as in those who try and attack. Surprisingly, they do answer.

              Have you ever tried talking aloud first? Otherwise, maybe they can communicate through the heart, which is how I commnicate with some.

              Today, for the first time in months, I finally saw one in the flesh. I'm glad it's back again.

              How did you first deal with the "friendly visits"? When did they start for you?

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                Re: about the ability to see spirits

                Wed, August 9, 2006 - 10:56 AM
                Well, It first happened when I was a kid. It's easy to ignore something you "feel" but don't see though.

                It got more noticeable in the last few years. I reacted to the "friendly visits" by pretending I was dreaming, telling myself it wasn't real, being really scared, total SUPPRESSION. It took me a long time to deal with the fact that spirits even existed, I'm agnostic - so I don't have any sorts of beliefs like that.

                It's only been this last month, that I'm ready to not be freaked out.

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                  Wed, August 9, 2006 - 7:32 PM
                  Wow, I stumbled across this thread.... I have also seen spirits since I can remember, probably 4 or so as well...I have had periods of time when I did not see them, or they were less apparent, I could feel them but not see them as clearly...

                  When I lost the fears I could hear and communicate with them much better...

                  I will say that lately the messages I have recieved from many is that there is a darkness that is trying to hold many of them....It is pretty ominous feeling...

                  Namaste, Tia
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                    Re: about the ability to see spirits

                    Wed, August 9, 2006 - 9:40 PM

                    That's good to know. I'm definitely working on my fears right now. I *think* I'm ready to see them...

                    What's this darkness? That sounds bad.
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                    Re: about the ability to see spirits

                    Thu, August 10, 2006 - 10:25 AM
                    Hi Tia

                    What's this darkness about? Is it some sort of cosmic darkness holding them back? As in an increase in cosmic negative energy, or is it their personal darkness.

                    Fear is seriously one of the greatest stumbling blocks in life.. But I guess what's important is we work our way around them.

                    • Re: about the ability to see spirits

                      Sun, August 13, 2006 - 11:22 AM
                      The darkness I sense and get messages about it not the inner fearfulness the spirits themselves carry...It seems to be on a bigger level...A cosmic darkness would be a better term... I am not a believer of the Heaven and Hell scenario but I do believe in the polarity differences we have allowed our world to exist in...At the moment the polarities seem to be at their greatest point of opposition...So I intellectualize that the darkness must be a component of this extreme seperation...

                      So to me the only work I can do is to bring the two polarities closer together to join so it is less light or dark but oneness...

                • Re: about the ability to see spirits

                  Thu, August 10, 2006 - 10:23 AM
                  Annette, really nice to hear your sharing. This thread is starting to feel like a lil support group.. There was a time when I was young and nobody believed me-- I retreated into my own shell and became "weird".

                  I tried to suppress as well-- I call it self-delusion, which I am really good at (tt sucks), in order facets of life. However, my instincts deep within me kept telling me they were spirits, real and they did exist.

                  I imagine it must have been hard on you, dealing with something that runs contrary to your own beliefs. For me, as a kid, I did question whether spirits really DID exist, or whether it was a figment of my imagination, albeit a figment that haunts repeatedly. You see, I was brought up in a Catholic convent, education-wise. The teachers vehemently drummed into us that spirits do not exist. You know when you are kids it gets exciting to talk about the other Realm, so I ever shared with my friends about those. Add to the fact that my school supposedly had its resident-ghost stories, I was chided seriously by my teachers. They said, "You are a Catholic. Shame on you that you even believe in spirits!". The shame thing really made me question so much, and ignited an intense bout of internal tussles.

                  I've always believed in this-- "Everything in its time". If you're ready, and when the time is ready, perhaps you'll start seeing.

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                    Re: about the ability to see spirits

                    Thu, September 14, 2006 - 2:42 AM
                    "Shame on you that you believe in spirits" I had a similar experience in Catholic school when I was little. The nun who was teaching us religion was talking about how there are people whao can "talk to God" I thought ' That's like me!', then she continued: but in modern times most of these people are charlitains and would have been stoned to death in the old days. I never told anyone at that school. I didn't really realize my abilities until I was in my thirties.


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    Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Thu, August 10, 2006 - 8:36 AM

    I have always wanted to see spirits. I know when I was little I did see them. I used to talk to one and it really freaked my mother out. She put a fear in me that is just now subsiding. I recently in the past years, have started seeing spirits, or someone's other body, like another layer of their body, in bathrooms. This happed a lot at my job like 2 years ago. Then my next job, and now here at my current job. They are always dressed and walking pretty fast like they have somewhere to go.
    • Re: about the ability to see spirits

      Thu, August 10, 2006 - 10:29 AM
      Amira.. only specifically in bathrooms? I always hear about spirits in bathrooms-- i wonder what draws them there?

      I was reading that the "imaginary friends" kids have are actually spirits, although I don't remember having one. However, I've seen my cousin's "imaginary friend" when he was younger.

      Hmm. Those that I see are dressed. I can see every detail about them-- from the double-breasted coat that the resident ghost in my house wears, to the hair styles and floral prints on others. I can even see if they are wearing spectacles. I know they have a face. I can see the face, but somehow I can never register the details on their faces, like the eyes and all. Do you manage to see the details?
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        Re: about the ability to see spirits

        Thu, August 10, 2006 - 10:44 AM
        I understand what you are saying!

        I can see the old fashioned outfit and all of that, but the face is hard to remember. It's like It was detailed, but once its memory it blurs. I've wondered about that myself. It's hard to identify or something.

        • Re: about the ability to see spirits

          Fri, August 11, 2006 - 9:51 AM
          I wonder whether anyone has managed to catch all the details of the face.. Others I've spoken to have not been able to register the facial details as well.

          One of the most shocking spirits (as in most unexpected) was a Red Indian-looking man. There was a parcel that arrived from USA, and I left the packaging in my sunroom. Later that night, when I walked there, I was stunned to see that man, complete with his old fashioned outfit, and with a pipe, and some muddy traces on him. And he was shocking because there are absolutely no Red Indians here. That was the most unusual spirit I've ever come across.
          • Re: about the ability to see spirits

            Sat, August 12, 2006 - 4:13 PM
            you are having psi imprinted info superimposed over physical senses. Not really very good for you.
            If you want to be psychic, there are ways to learn to tap into that intentionally. There are good reasons why we normally filter out the astral world; its full of noisy distractions that would drive us otherwise insane.
            Learn the full set of psi skills, or just keep your sheilds up. Don't walk around just seeing stuff, thats TOO OPEN,
            • Re: about the ability to see spirits

              Sun, August 13, 2006 - 8:35 AM
              Hi Promethus

              What does it mean to have psi imprinted info superimposed? Could you explain a lil more?

              How do I tap into it intentionally? I'd want to embrace it fully and effeciently.

              • Re: about the ability to see spirits

                Mon, August 21, 2006 - 1:53 PM
                What does it mean to have psi imprinted info superimposed? Could you explain a lil more?

                How do I tap into it intentionally? I'd want to embrace it fully and effeciently.

                do you hear in color? do you see in sound? so why are you having psi info with physical senses?

                learn to acess the psi senses naturally and your subliminal mind won't be forced to overwhelm the physical senses in order to let you know what its sensing.

                i wish i could go into deeper details, but theres a thread in chakras or empaths alike or some such called "which psi senses do you use?"
                i only have half hour turns at library so not enough time to go into detail right now, but i would be happy to take this on as a topic when i return on the 11th of next month.

          • Re: about the ability to see spirits

            Thu, September 14, 2006 - 2:47 AM
            I think maybe you are such a bright light that spirits are drawn to you from all over. Also like attracts like it may have to do with the frequency of your vibration.

            You should ask them what they want, they'll probably tell you.
          • interjected in the middle

            Sun, September 17, 2006 - 4:23 PM
            I saw the faces two times. One was the only spirit i sw in a cemetery...even though I played in one by my house this was the only spirit i saw in one in another town.. she had really old fashioned clothes and was young and pretty...the other was a little boy who was outside my (2nd story!) window...i still remember what they looked like...Most of the spirits Ive se dont have their bodies on those might be the only two that did....
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        Re: about the ability to see spirits

        Thu, August 10, 2006 - 11:28 AM
        Yes for a while I was only seeing them in the bathroom. However, where I am working now, I saw one out by the offices. She was moving pretty fast. Very frilly dress on, I remember seeing it move and she had red hair.

        Now this is the thing!!! I always see them from the side. Meaning I am looking at them walk across my path. Then I got to look for the person, because it is like they call me, and when I get there, there is no one there. However, I know I just saw some one. Like they would have just walked into a stall in the bathroom, but there is no one there, or into an office that is vacant. It has happened too many times to blow it off. So I accept it and move on.
        • Re: about the ability to see spirits

          Sun, August 13, 2006 - 8:37 AM
          Oh yeah.. the no one there and vacant places happens with me as well. I used to think it was a part of my active imagination, but time proved me wrong. Also, I used to see some spirit in my home. I'd tell that to my Mom, and she'd tell me my Dad/Maid also saw it as well.. Stuff like that

          Now I've learnt how to recognize the energy of the spirits.
          • Re: about the ability to see spirits

            Sun, August 13, 2006 - 5:22 PM
            ultimately you are the only one that knows of the fine attunments you receive ..
            infact your particular gift or communication tools are yours .to explore ..
            just keep connected to the Source in your meditation or visions
            or impression of past that you read in your surroundings
            [even walls store memories of emotions and echoes from ther past ]
            the heart center is a knowledge entry point
            there is interconnectness with everything if your intentions are
            for the good of the whole .your heart will be where true answers can be found .
            as for spirits and such in the general believe I keep my logic at hand ...
            and allow for 'irregularities ' some may just need release .
            and that may be solved with a prayer or an encouragement to move on
            in the next level of being
            ..this could explain the 'touching' .. as a request of assistance .

            Dion Fortune has written some great stuff on the pathology of Death
            you may find it interesting ..

            . ..

            the nuances are all so personal .. trust your instinct ..
            ask yourself .. infact you know ... dimentional portals feel more available at present
            and there so many levels of being ..
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    Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Thu, August 24, 2006 - 12:14 PM
    What an interesting discussion. I wouldn't say I really have the ability to "see" spirits its more the ability to sense energies. It can be very specific in that I sense the energy in a room or sense a certain energy moving around a room or area. I sense the quality of the energy as well meaning its emotional quality. Come to think of it I have actually seen these energetic entities but not in the way you do, its usually more of catching something moving out of the corner of my eye or seeing a flash of light here and there. I do however often feel them physically, usually a feeling of something brushing up against me or a feeling of tingling or something like that. I agree with whats been said above in that its important to try and let go of any fear around it. For me it doesn't really bother me, having long studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism I comfortable with the existence of non-physical beings and its just a matter of having compassion for them and sending them love and light. Protecting oneself I think is also important but to me that really involves letting go of fear because fear is the trigger that both physical and non-physical beings use to harm. If you let go of fear and project love you really have all the protection you need and beyond that these are just more beings that could use some compassion like all of us..........
  • Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Thu, November 12, 2009 - 4:45 PM
    Well when you have this ability it eventually grows and develops into something else. Since i was very little i have always been able to see and talk to the dead. and yeas i have had little periods of time where i wasn't able to see them as clearly but i could feel them more. The spirits have been talking about a darkness and it is kinda scary... But i know that i have to keep helping them no matter how scary it is because i we are their only chance and voice!!!
    • Re: about the ability to see spirits

      Sun, December 20, 2009 - 4:54 PM
      When my uncle died of a stroke- my aunt heard him call he name out in her kitchen. He told her he couldnt see- that he was in total darkness. My aunt told my mother and I mentioned to her that we should pray for him. The moment I said that, his funeral card blew off of our hutch and landed on the floor-- It was wedged in our hutch window and there was no breeze in the room.

      So I took that as confirmation that we still need to pray for many of these souls who died and havent crossed over. There are reasons many of them can't cross over. Many of these reasons are that they are still attached to this realm-- even though they no longer live in it. They need help from a Higher Source and we need to be their intercessor.
      Some do NOT want to cross over- they're not ready yet- I'm referring to the ones who want to but cant--

      I would even pray for animals that you see dead on the side of the road, and dead housepets.

  • Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Fri, March 12, 2010 - 12:14 AM
    This is something I have always experienced although most frequently when I was younger. The most dramatic example is that hanging in a hallway was very old picture of my great grandfather from before my family made the move from Norway it was one of those old black and whites where they painted all the color in. Every night I would see a black shape standing in the hallway looking at my great grandfathers photo then it would walk down the hall and turn and kind of fade away. After a few years of this I finally told my father, it turns out my grandfathers ashes were in a urn in the closet at the end of the hallway. When my grandmother passed we placed his ashes with hers at the memorial and that was the last time I saw the black shape. I only wish all my experiences were that positive when I have time I'll share more.
  • Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Thu, March 25, 2010 - 12:05 AM
    This is a great thread!
    i personally have seen and felt spirits since i was very young. My mom told me that i use to play with a cat in my room(that wasnt there), we found out later that the previous owners of our house had buried a cat outside my window. As i i got older i dont think that i really saw them anymore until recently. I see them in a weird way. They dont look like people. It looks like... do you know the black spots that you see when you get light headed or you are about to faint. That is what it looks like but in a certain area and in a figure form. Like once i was in a museum and a woman took a picture of an open area. I looked out and saw the dots and it looked like a 5 foot woman in a big dress. She turned to me and said wow look!! i looked in the camera and it was a smokey figure in the exact place i had seen it. I often have spirits and dark entities that visit me, (especially at night) i have to smudge my room regularly to feel safe. Why do you think a lot of bad spirits visit me? A few times i have had spirits come to me to give messages to other people that are close to me. A grandmother of a close friend i had came to me so that i could tell him that she left him a letter that is packed away in storage that she wanted him to have. I feel a lot of things but i try to close myself off because i feel like i am going to be harmed. I am not scared of any of these things i find everything very interesting. I just feel like something will hurt me if i open myself up. You know?? How do i control this and let in spirits but protect myself at the same time??
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    Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Fri, May 18, 2012 - 6:14 PM
    Thank you for this interesting topic and comments. I can feel beings all around me all the time, but I don't actually see them, 99% of the time. They are in the trees, in the air, everywhere. My feeling of them is that time is an illusion, our perception of it, anyway. I feel that things that happened in the past (and future) are superimposed here. I also feel that there are other dimensions superimposed here. Some beings can see me, and those are the ones I can feel. I don't know what they are, but I think there are all sorts of species of things out there--fairies or something. I don't know what they are.
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    Re: about the ability to see spirits

    Sat, May 19, 2012 - 1:06 PM
    I'd like to echo all the thanks for this thread. Very interesting topic.

    I'd also like to throw a bit of personal experience out to see if anyone's encountered anything similar, or come to similar conclusions.

    For me, perceiving spirits has a lot to do with human perception in general. I've always noticed "flickers" in my peripheral visions. When i started work with harnessing empathy, i noticed similar "flickers" in my heart and mind that were previously mistaken as coming from inside me.

    When i began work with meditation, i learned to halt a reflex that made these flickers vanish...

    I think we hold our reality together, both collectively and individually, with concentrated focus; and i think "spirits" are cohesive energies (in the same manner that we are materialized energies) that are not "allowed" to participate in the "collective" version of reality, (though i think that many of them are still very active 'behind the scenes').

    Meditation helped me to perceive without intense focus... which is when my perception of 'spirits and forces' opened up like pandora's box. It also revealed to me exactly how intensely powerful a thing as simple and commonplace as focus of attention truly is.

    What I'd consider the most important distinction regarding spirits, is that some seem to "produce their own light," and some seem to need to "take it from other entities" in order to continue existing here... then there are the critters (humans, for example) that seem to be capable of both.

    Regarding the "spirits of the dead" I got "lost" in the world of mediumship for a bit, before i had an experience with a grandmother who had passed that made me close that door. I kept sensing two of her. One that glowed as a source (and felt like it was "somewhere else") and one that felt sad and empty and hungry (and like it was "here with me"). Eventually i came to believe that the "soul" always passes to wherever it goes as a natural result of death, and that those empty shells have little to nothing to do with that soul anymore (in fact, they seem to have more to do with the memories of the living). I think that they are rightly termed "shades of the dead."

    I think the "shades of the dead" are part of a larger darkness, one that cannot and does not exist without being fed by the energies and attention of "that which does exist." I think this darkness is perpetually hungry, and seems to have no true identity... rather, it seems to adopt whatever form a person will give it, in order to "gain access" to his/her attention and energy in order to feed.

    I'm not exactly sure why, but humans seem to be perfectly suited to act as "portals" and bridges to and through various worlds and modes of existence... and we seem to be largely viewed, used, and coveted as such in the world of "spirits and forces."

    anyway, that's where i stand on the matter at the moment. If anyone has something to add or corrections to make, please do.
    • K
      offline 283

      Well, this is a remarkable thread. People are sharing and discussing inner personal experience very openly.

      I will simply say that there is real psychic risk involved with being psychically open and sensitive. And that the main way to mange this is with mantra (Sanskrit recitation).

      A really good mantra for purification and for blessing is the White Tara mantra.

      A short form of this mantra that is easily pronounced in Chinese is
      Om Taleh Tuttaleh Tulee Soha

      The long White Tara mantra for healing, wisdom, and protection is
      Om Tare Tuttare Ture Me Me Ayu Punya Jnana Pustim Kuru Svaha.

      There are a vast set of immediately accessible resources online for White Tara.

      For protection, I would recommend Green Tara or one of the Hindu mantras for Ganapati / Ganesh.

      These mantras are open to use by all.


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